Pooling and Washing Equipment

One major area in which Loadhog exceed our competition is in the management of a customers’ pool of returnable transit packaging. This unique service alleviates the stress associated with managing this internally.

The service provided for Smartstak customers includes the washing, re-distribution of cleaned, and collection of used dirty pads. The transit packaging pool, primarily made up of HogBoxes and Loadhog Lids, is managed through scheduled collections from DC’s and deliveries to suppliers or stores.


The full service also includes monitoring stock levels, movements, losses and damages. This monitoring allows for deliveries to be made at the appropriate times eliminating the risks of insufficient stocks, as well as eliminating costly over-stocking.


In addition to the state of the art washplant at our Sheffield base, we invested in a second in Portugal to service our European Smartstak customers more effectively. These washplants offer the most rigorous hygiene controls seen within the marketplace.


Under ISO 9001:2000, we operate an integrated H.A.C.C.P. Protocol throughout our operation which is compliant to the requirements of the BRC/IoP Global Standard for Packaging and Packaging Materials. Loadhog and Smartstak operate to the guiding principles of ISO 14001:2004


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