Intellectual Property

Loadhog was founded on a unique patented idea, something which allowed us to invest heavily in our state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment. By protecting our intellectual property, it means we can continue to invest not only in the manufacturing process, but also in the development of further new products.

We hold patents in the EU, as well as numerous countries around the world. Since our original patents were filed, we have devoted over £1 million to securing further IP rights, which include not only patents, but also trademarks and registered designs.


We believe that investment in IP is an absolute must, and we’ll never compromise on this. As a leader in innovation and with a growing product range, we are increasingly prone to imitation – whilst flattered by this, we of course vigorously defend our designs, not least because we invest so much to bring them to market.


Loadhog’s focus is always on delivering the best, most added value solutions, first, and to focus not only on the next product or solution but to constantly try and improve and adapt the products we already have.