Smartstak At A Glance

Smartstak is the award winning division of Loadhog dedicated to the sale and pooling of plastic layer pads, top frames and our new product, a reusable plastic capping tray. Smartstaks unique patented products were specifically designed to ensure the stability and safe transit of glass bottles and jars and its benefits have been proven over the last 8 years.

Our product range provides the most comprehensive reusable packaging for glassmakers to ensure they are using the least amount of secondary packaging, providing the lowest possible environmental footprint. Our extensive  knowledge of our products application provides opportunities for glass makers to improve packaging utilisation, by maximising the number of bottles per pallet, increasing their efficiency.

Our state of the art Mart wash process ensures that every single pad is cleaned to the highest industry standards. Our chemical free wash process utilises reverse osmosis water and UV light to sanitise each pad using environmentally friendly methods.



Smartpad is the unique, wave edge, injection moulded, solid layer pad that provides the most stable method of packaging and transporting glass bottles and jars. Its design and construction ensures provides it with great strength and longevity, which can last in excess of 10 years. Its unique wave edge also has a radius to ensure shrouds are not damaged in transit.

Smartcap is our latest product to be developed, to compliment the Smartpad. It provides a waterproof barrier to the top of a pallet and its live hinge edge ensures it is a universal tray capable of capping all glass block sizes. Smartcap eliminates wet packs, ensures improved hygiene and provides cardboard tray inventory savings as well as superior operational performance.

Smartframe is a spring loaded plastic top frame which is designed to ensure the safe transit of tall pack glass pallets. Its springs open gradually over time to compensate for the reduction in vertical strap tension and in transit acts as a spring damper to ensure the safe transport of pallets up to 9 feet high.


To see how the Smartstak has helped a variety of companies please visit our case studies page.