Smartstak – Glass Bottle Packaging System 

The intelligent glass bottle packaging system preventing the collapse of glass pallets during transportation or storage.



GLASS - pallet-157A



Pallets packed to “standard industry practice” are susceptible to catastrophic load collapse. The overall load stability is significantly improved with the use of the innovative, contoured, reusable plastic layer pad; Smartpad, in conjunction with a pallet top frame system; Smartframe to create the leading glass bottle packaging system.

  • Improved pallet stability
  • Reduced transport and handling
  • Potential to add more layers of glass bottles due to increased stability
  • Reduced bottle loss
  • The need for horizontal strapping and polythene shroud is eliminated
  • Less bottle scuffing and therefore lower returns
  • One layer pad for all applications
  • Safer working environment

If you wish to learn more about the Smartstak, you can find more information on our smartstak at a glance page.