A Pally Container is the perfect solution when moving bulky, loose or mixed items around. Pally Containers are collapsible and flexible for maximising space when not in use.

One simple foot press on a pedal at either end of the unit will transfer up to 500kg load from the pallet bearers to wheels or vice versa. The addition of the folding sides will meet both the needs of transport; greater trailer fill, double stacking, efficient returns and customer; easy to manoeuvre, faster to replenish.

  • Eliminate use of one trip packaging
  • Mobility at customer – stability in transport
  • Collapsible sides provide space efficient storage of empties on return
  • Footprint increases fill vs cages
  • Potential to double stack
  • Perfect as a shipper or MU in retail supply chains
  • Compatible with conveyors or automated lines
  • No lifting equipment required