The Loadhog Attached Lid Container has been designed to provide safe, ergonomic handling and storage of goods in a range of industries. Stackable when full and nestable when empty, Loadhog Attached Lid Containers are effective as standalone products, or can form the perfect reusable packaging solution when used in conjunction with the Pally & Lid system.

  • Innovative lid tessellation provides neater stacking and allows for up to 10% greater vehicle fill
  • No overhang; lids secure in a vertical line when nested as empties
  • Hinge design allows for quick and easy replacement of damaged lids
  • Boasts multiple recess locations for barcodes and labels
  • Customisable in terms of colour and branding
  • Recess feature in the top of the box accommodates the full range of Loadhog Lids
  • Fully compatible with Pally & Loadhog Lids, eliminating all one trip packaging; also compatible with most other types of plastic tote boxes
  • Available in varying depths to suit individual requirements including 310mm, 365mm & 400mm