As a manufacturer ourselves, we have significant understanding and knowledge of the requirements for handling equipment & plastic packaging within lean operations. We have very close relationships with manufacturers in various industries and pride ourselves on the integration of our products within their systems.



  • Instant wheeled dolly mobility, or pallet stability with one push of the pedal
  • Eliminates internal pallet movements and the requirement for mechanical handling equipment
  • Can be used as a pallet in automated systems and storage racking

Folding Pally Container

  • With all the benefits of the Pally, the Folding Pally Container adds a bulk container to the unit which supports work in progress and lineside movement
  • Increases production flow due to ease of movement

Attached Lid Container

  • Fully compatible with automated systems; various locations for labelling and barcoding for ease of traceability
  • Stackable when full and nestable when empty to reduce storage space required
  • Ideal for temporary containment of component parts during assembly, and for secure storage of completed units awaiting despatch

Guardian Load Restraint

  • Keeps you compliant with HSE and DVSA load securing guidelines and enforcement
  • Saves up to 30 minutes per day per vehicle
  • Is permanently attached to the vehicle and reduces strap loss