Smartstak plastic layer pads and reusable capping tray or spring loaded top frame has shown to be the safest, most cost effective method of packing glass and transporting tall pack pallets for both the glass producer and the glass filler.



  • Waved edge profile encourages bottles to migrate towards the centre of the pad during transit and other movement
  • Improved stability allows for additional layers of glass per pallet, reducing transport requirements & associated costs
  • Bottle loss is reduced dramatically and pallet stability is optimised, whilst completely eliminating the requirement for horizontal banding


  • A live spring loaded plastic top frame, eliminates the need for horizontal banding and pack shrouding
  • Better hygiene performance than traditional top frames

Guardian Load Restraint

  • Keeps you compliant with HSE and DVSA load securing guidelines and enforcement
  • Saves up to 30 minutes per day per vehicle
  • Is permanently attached to the vehicle and reduces strap loss